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„MOTO-MARK” is a manufacturing company founded by Mr. Marek Krasiński in 1991 which is focused on production of small automotive parts made of plastic and metal. At the beginning of 90’s our offer consisted of spare parts for domestic cars such as Fiat 126p, POLONEZ and FSO. Years of experience, dynamic development and constant expanding of assortment has allowed us to meet requirements of constantly changing automotive market.

Our most up to date assortment has applications in many types of vehicles, either cars or trucks:

  • Tees connectors, straight connectors, reducer connectors with diameters between 3 to 36mm made of polypropylene, polyethylene or POM
  • Fuel system non-return valves made of plastic or aluminum with diameters between 6 to 10mm
  • Windscreen washing system non-return valves: straight or tee connector
  • Windscreen spray nozzles

Versatility of our products allows to utilize them in numerous liquid or air flow installations.

“MOTO-MARK” products are retailed by leading wholesale automotive distributors what makes It available commercially. Our major achievement within last year’s has been cooperation with Solaris Bus&Coach company, the leading manufacturer of buses in Europe.
We always go to great lengths to meet clients expectations and strive to fulfil its expectations. Main goal of our company is to always maintain the highest quality of our products combined with short time of order completion. We achieve it by constant modernization and improvement of our production processes.

We are open to cooperation with new wholesale distributors, manufacturers as well as contract manufacturing of new elements.


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